Hi folks,

I'm preparing to move a zope site from one host to another. We've been  
planning to use repozo backups to copy the filestorage from the old  
host to the new one.  I'd like to figure out how to minimize downtime  
while not losing any data.  My plan was:

1. Make a backup, copy it to new host.
2. Shut down old host.
3. Make a final incremental backup, copy to new host.
4. Restore on new host.
5. Start new host and
6. wait for index file to get built.

3 should be pretty fast as its an incremental backup.
4 may take a little while but iirc it's not too bad for this db -  
maybe 10 minutes.
Most of the downtime is caused by rebuilding the index which takes way  
longer (30 min?)

So I had two questions:

1) would it be safe to copy the index file from the old host and just  
use that with the filestorage generated by repozo?

2) should I maybe ditch repozo and just rsync everything?  That'd  
replace step 3 with a second call to rsync, and eliminate steps 4 and  
6.  But I'm not sure how fast it is at updating a big binary file.  I  
think I'll do an experiment today and report back on this option.

Paul Winkler
Typed on my phone. Apologies for typos, brevity, and/or bizarre word  
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