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> Paul Winkler wrote:
>> 3 should be pretty fast as its an incremental backup.
>> 4 may take a little while but iirc it's not too bad for this db -  maybe
>> 10 minutes.
>> Most of the downtime is caused by rebuilding the index which takes way
>>  longer (30 min?)
>> So I had two questions:
>> 1) would it be safe to copy the index file from the old host and just  use
>> that with the filestorage generated by repozo?
> Almost certainly not.

OK, good to know, thanks.

>  2) should I maybe ditch repozo and just rsync everything?  That'd  replace
>> step 3 with a second call to rsync, and eliminate steps 4 and  6.  But I'm
>> not sure how fast it is at updating a big binary file.  I  think I'll do an
>> experiment today and report back on this option.
> I suppose you could look at zeoraid.

Hadn't thought of that, will look at it, thanks!

> Have you tried just starting with an empty index file?

Yes - zeo takes ages to be usable while it builds the new index from
That's the whole problem.

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