I am using ZEO authentication. When I try to login with the proper  
credentials (everything works just fine. If I try to login with the wrong  
credentials, I get a traceback like shown below. However, the code trying  
to establish the connection (in my case databaseFromConfig) never returns,  
instead the client tries to reconnect over and over again. Of course  
reconnecting will always fail since the credentials stay wrong.

I can't display a message to the user that his login attempt failed,  
because I never receive an exception in the code that tried to establish  
the connection.

Is this a bug? Or is there another method to detect that a connection has  
failed because of authentication?



(4344) CW: error in testConnection (('localhost', 17654))
Traceback (most recent call last):
ient.py", line 577, in test_connection
     self.preferred = self.client.testConnection(self.conn)
torage.py", line 570, in testConnection
     skey = self.doAuth(auth, stub)
torage.py", line 538, in doAuth
     return c.start(self._username, self._realm, self._password)
th_digest.py", line 139, in start
     result = self.stub.auth_response((username, challenge, resp_dig))
tub.py", line 397, in call
     return self.rpc.call(self.name, *a, **kwa)
nnection.py", line 733, in call
     raise inst # error raised by server
LookupError: No such user: idontexist
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