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> Hello,
> I am using ZEO authentication. When I try to login with the proper
> credentials (everything works just fine. If I try to login with the wrong
> credentials, I get a traceback like shown below. However, the code trying
> to establish the connection (in my case databaseFromConfig) never returns,
> instead the client tries to reconnect over and over again. Of course
> reconnecting will always fail since the credentials stay wrong.
> I can't display a message to the user that his login attempt failed,
> because I never receive an exception in the code that tried to establish
> the connection.
> Is this a bug?

It is a miss-feature.  The assumption is that failures are transient and
that the client should retry indefinitely. After all, your client might have
correct credentials and the server's configuration may be wrong. :)

> Or is there another method to detect that a connection has
> failed because of authentication?

You can supply a false wait option and then test yourself for a
successful connection.

There's also a timeout option, but it doesn't work as most people
would suspect.  That could easily be called a bug.


Jim Fulton
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