[Jens Vagelpohl <j...@dataflake.org>]
> ... just to check if the list is broken as Martin Aspeli seems to believe.

A _possible_ reason for believing that:  ZODB-dev is configured to
auto-reject messages sent by non-subscribers.  About once a month I
find a msg among the 100s (sometimes 1000s) of rejections sent by
someone that should have gone through (it's a legit ZODB question,
sometimes sent by a list subscriber but from a non-subscribed email
address).  Then I write to the sender and explain what happened.

But, given the sometimes enormous amount of spam rejected this way, at
time I'm sure I miss one.

If someone would like to take a more active role in moderating this
list (like holding non-subscriber messages for moderator review
instead of auto-rejecting them), I'd be delighted ;-) to hand over my
list moderator duties to them.
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