On 26/01/2011 21:54, Chris Withers wrote:
> On 26/01/2011 21:05, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> On 01/26/2011 11:52 AM, Chris Withers wrote:
>>> On 26/01/2011 14:08, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>>>> I've checked in a fix in Subversion. Please try it out. I need to look
>>>> at the possible pack issue recently reported before we make a release.
>>> Where is this pack issue documented/discussed?
>> See the discussion here with Anton Stonor. We are still only
>> hypothesizing that there's a bug.
> Well, my case matches that case pretty exactly...
> MySQL 5.1, RelStorage 1.4.0...
> Anton, were you using a history-free storage?

My guess is not.

Shane, I went to try your suggestion:
> If you're sure you have found all of the corruption, you can do this
> (with all app servers shut down) to re-create the current_object table:
> delete from current_object;
> insert into current_object (zoid, tid)
>      select zoid, max(tid) from object_state;

...but of course, history-free storages have no current_object table.

Any ideas?



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