On 27/01/2011 10:47, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>>>> - e2fsck -f
>> Hmm, how do I e2fsck a mounted filesystem?
> You don't.  Don't even try. :-)

Yeah, I got that from the warning message it squealed when I tried ;-)
I was more curious about how you'd do this if you needed to (how do you 
unmount / so you can check it?) but I don't think it's the problem here...

>> This is a little weird, as I have max_allowed_packet set to 16M.
> Increase max_allowed_packet to at least 32M.  16M is just a bit too low.

Done, and tests all pass now.

>> I didn't see any exceptions or, in fact, any logging or output at all
>> from zodbpack, and the only other exceptions seen were the POSKeyErrors...
> Hmm, you do bring up a good point: zodbpack doesn't configure the
> logging package.  It should.

Yep ;-) ZConfig would be great so I can plug in a mailinglogger...
It would also be *really* handy if zodbpack could run off a normal 
zope.conf for both logging and storage config (although, in my case, I'd 
then need to be able to specify which storage to pack, I want to avoid 
packing one of them!)

> Can you send me your database?

In a word, no :-(
It's 4GB+ in size (down from 26GB-ish in FileStorage!) and contains 
loads of confidential customer data.

However, more than happy to poke, just tell me where and for what...



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