We've been successfully running Plone 3.3 + Zope 2.10 + Relstorage + MySql for 
a couple of years now.  We're running low on memory on our existing server 
(which has numerous other services on it) and will soon need to deploy an 
additional Plone 4.1 + Zope 2.13 + Relstorage + Mysql environment.  We've been 
using virtual environments since September.

For the purposes of this discussion please assume we don't have the option of 
increasing the memory on our existing server and so need to add a new one.Some 
questions I'd really appreciate your help with please:

* I'm familiar with enterprise environments where you would have an "app 
server" and a "database server" but are there any advantages to putting Zope 
and MySQL on different servers?
* I'd expect a performance hit if we run Zope + MySQL on separate servers but 
is this hit manageable?
* Can we put anything in place to mitigate this?
* Would you simply recommend having the existing mysql + zope on one server and 
the new mysql + zope on the other?

Thanks in advance


Anthony Gerrard
Email: anthonygerr...@gmail.com
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