> We've been successfully running Plone 3.3 + Zope 2.10 + Relstorage + MySql 
> for a couple of years now.  We're running low on memory on our existing 
> server (which has numerous other services on it) and will soon need to deploy 
> an additional Plone 4.1 + Zope 2.13 + Relstorage + Mysql environment.  We've 
> been using virtual environments since September.
> For the purposes of this discussion please assume we don't have the option of 
> increasing the memory on our existing server and so need to add a new 
> one.Some questions I'd really appreciate your help with please:
> * I'm familiar with enterprise environments where you would have an "app 
> server" and a "database server" but are there any advantages to putting Zope 
> and MySQL on different servers?
> * I'd expect a performance hit if we run Zope + MySQL on separate servers but 
> is this hit manageable?
> * Can we put anything in place to mitigate this?
> * Would you simply recommend having the existing mysql + zope on one server 
> and the new mysql + zope on the other?

Anthony this isnt a ZODB question; its a plone related application
question.  Ask plone-users.
For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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