This is with RelStorage 1.5.0-b1, with blob-dir enabled, shared-blob-dir 
false and a low blob-cache-size, say 100000 bytes.  Using Plone 3.3.5, 
plone.app.blob 1.3, plone.app.imaging 1.0.1, but the same is probably 
true for non-Plone setups.

Create two images that are stored as blobs.  Each should fit within the 
blob-cache-size, but the two of them together should be larger.  Create 
a page that shows both images.  Because the cache gets cleared halfway, 
one of the images does not get loaded, at least not always; in my 
testing only once every two requests does this image fail to load.  The 
page shows up, but you get a traceback in the logs:

2011-02-28 15:50:35 ERROR ZODB.Connection Couldn't load state for 0x6c6a
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 851, in setstate
line 916, in _setstate
     obj._p_blob_committed = self._storage.loadBlob(obj._p_oid, serial)
line 1245, in loadBlob
     return self.blobhelper.loadBlob(cursor, oid, serial)
line 178, in loadBlob
     raise POSException.POSKeyError("No blob file", oid, serial)
POSKeyError: 'No blob file'

I wonder if there is some code that mistakenly throws away the wrong 
blob; it should throw away the oldest one I'd think, and not the one 
that it just loaded.

The workaround is probably just to not set the blob-cache-size this low. 
  But I tried this low setting to work around a different problem, which 
I will report in a different post.

Maurits van Rees
Web App Programmer at Zest Software: http://zestsoftware.nl
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