On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Maurits van Rees
<m.van.r...@zestsoftware.nl> wrote:
> This is with RelStorage 1.5.0-b1, with blob-dir enabled, shared-blob-dir
> false and a low blob-cache-size, say 100000 bytes.  Using Plone 3.3.5,
> plone.app.blob 1.3, plone.app.imaging 1.0.1, but the same is probably
> true for non-Plone setups.

Blobs are considered experimental in ZODB 3.8. Especially the entire
blob cache changed completely for ZODB 3.9.

I think you might want to upgrade to Plone 4 and ZODB 3.9 to get a
stable environment. Or you'll likely run into more problems.

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