On 06/12/2011 04:01 AM, Martijn Pieters wrote:
> How big a userbase is there for 1.5.0b2 on PostgreSQL? I know schema
> changes are painful, but in this case we'd only have people on the
> bleeding edge using a beta version to switch. I think we can come up
> with a little script that would move these people over to a blob_chunk
> table with oid columns.

That shouldn't be a big problem.

> In any case, I'll work on a version that, like the Oracle blob story,
> stores ZODB blobs in chunks up to 2GB in PostgreSQL oid blobs instead.
> To be clear: I do not intend to touch the OBJECT_STATE table, that
> table can continue to use bytea as far as I am concerned.

Good, because I'm actually pretty certain bytea is the right choice for 
object_state. I agree that bytea is less than ideal for blob_chunk, so 
I'm glad you're working to remedy that.

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