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> Looking at the most recent docs for the bytea type [1] there's two
> encoding schemes. The new default in 9.0+ is called hex and doesn't
> suffer from the same problems as the old "escape" format, which
> couldn't represent some data - which in turn prompted Shane to do the
> base64 encoding.

I am kind of wondering as to why a base64 encoding is needed at all.
The psycopg supports the required encoding / decoding steps natively
for both escape formats, and will do so transparently. See:


Not encoding ZODB pickles for the object_state table from and to
base64 would save a lot of space (base64 encoding expands data to 133%
it's original size, leading to up to 1/3rd more space required to
store a Zope ZODB in PostgreSQL than in other databases.

Martijn Pieters
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