> I use ZODB to record some Resources.
> All my Resources have an "uuid" field.
> All work well but I would like append a BTree to ZODB root object to
> "index" uuid of all my resources.
> I would like record to this BTree index only Resources commited to ZODB
> database.
> How can I connect a function to "commit" event ?
> In this function, how can I found all object modified ?
> How can I found all object removed to the database ?
> Other question : are there already a package to perform this task ?

The matching package is zope.catalog.
It provides all you need (catalog and indexes) to handle your task.
Objects creations and modifications are followed automatically by several
subscribers as soon as this package is correctly registered.
z3c.catalog and hurry.query packages can be good extensions packages to
look at...


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