Le 28/06/2011 10:21, Thierry Florac a écrit :
>> I use ZODB to record some Resources.
>> All my Resources have an "uuid" field.
>> All work well but I would like append a BTree to ZODB root object to
>> "index" uuid of all my resources.
>> I would like record to this BTree index only Resources commited to ZODB
>> database.
>> How can I connect a function to "commit" event ?
>> In this function, how can I found all object modified ?
>> How can I found all object removed to the database ?
>> Other question : are there already a package to perform this task ?
> The matching package is zope.catalog.
> It provides all you need (catalog and indexes) to handle your task.
> Objects creations and modifications are followed automatically by several
> subscribers as soon as this package is correctly registered.
> z3c.catalog and hurry.query packages can be good extensions packages to
> look at...

I've already looked zope.catalog and repoze.catalog.

Question : I haven't docid, can I use uuid here ? but it isn't the 
feature I want : I would like retrieve my object from uuid.

Do you have an example of code about it ?

More information about my aim :

root (ZODB)
   uuid => { "uuid_value1": resource_A, "uuid_value2": resource_B, ... }

I would like this function :

 >>> get_by_uuid("uuid_value1")
=> return resource_A


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