On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 7:57 AM, steve <st...@lonetwin.net> wrote:
> That's the problem. I'd assumed the same behavior. Unfortunately it appears
> like incorrect blobs aren't always returned for subsequent requests. I
> traced down one such request to a single server, removed it from the LB and
> checked the same URL but the request didn't give me an incorrect image.

Are you *ever* able to get incorrect blob data when going directly
against an app

> I
> wonder, would this also be dependent on the connection pool or the thread
> serving the request?

If it's a bug in ZODB, it's one I haven't seen and I'd have no idea
what it's parameters might be. I suppose anything's possible. :)

Note that, in the actually database file, blobs have no data.
All that matters is their oid and serial.  I can't imagine
how this could behave differently across threads.


Jim Fulton
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