On Wednesday 13 July 2011, you wrote:

> hmmm, interesting. Since we are using Amazon's Elastic LB to load balance
> these app. servers running of EC2 instances and we do not have any direct
> access to the ELB logs or systems, pining this problem on the ELB might be
> difficult (although AFIAK, the ELB setup also uses apache -- I could be
> mistaken though).
> If it isn't too much effort could you please point me to the apache bug you
> mentioned ?


That is one I ran into before. There are some others like it but I did not 
immediately find them. The bug has been closed as fixed but people still seem 
to be having that problem. I found others besides myself that ran into that 
problem also on supposedly fixed versions and most just ending up going to 
nginx instead.

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