On 30.01.2012, at 14:01, Martijn Pieters wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 13:41, Kaweh Kazemi <ka...@me.com> wrote:
>> Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything useful, which is my problem:
> That's because that's not the ZEO server log output, but the output
> from zeopack. Your ZEO server keeps logs too, Jim is asking for the
> information you'll find there.

I believe my output is confusing, because I additionally  redirected the 
zeopack output into my zeo.log.

I get INFO/WARNING/ERROR loggings from zeo into zeo.log (you can see when starts the pack and after the error gets disconnected). 

Here are some more parts. And as far as I can see an Error is raised "in 
delayed method", but I have no more information in my log. I might be missing 
something - can I ask zeo to be more verbose about it's doings?


[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: new connection ('::ffff:', 58681): 
<ManagedServerConnection ('::ffff:', 58681)>
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: new connection ('::ffff:', 58682): 
<ManagedServerConnection ('::ffff:', 58682)>
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: new connection ('::ffff:', 58683): 
<ManagedServerConnection ('::ffff:', 58683)>
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: (::ffff: received handshake 'Z3101'
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: (unconnected) disconnected
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: (unconnected) disconnected
[INFO] 2012-01-30T12:20:22: (::ffff: 
pack(time=1327922422.871784) started...
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T12:31:28: (::ffff: ('users') queue 
lock: transactions waiting: 4
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T12:31:41: (::ffff: ('users') unlock: 
transactions waiting: 4
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T12:31:41: (::ffff: ('users') queue 
lock: transactions waiting: 4


[WARNING] 2012-01-30T13:36:13: (::ffff: ('users') unlock: 
transactions waiting: 5
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T13:36:13: (::ffff: ('users') lock: 
transactions waiting: 4
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T13:36:13: (::ffff: ('users') unlock: 
transactions waiting: 4
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T13:36:17: (::ffff: ('users') queue 
lock: transactions waiting: 4
[WARNING] 2012-01-30T13:36:17: (::ffff: ('users') unlock: 
transactions waiting: 4
[ERROR] 2012-01-30T13:36:18: (22455) Error raised in delayed method
Traceback (most recent call last):
 line 159, in _main
    cs.pack(packt, wait=True)
 line 916, in pack
    return self._server.pack(t, wait)
 line 155, in pack
    self.rpc.call('pack', t, wait)
 line 768, in call
    raise inst # error raised by server
TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
Error packing storage users in ('localhost', 9100)
[INFO] 2012-01-30T13:36:18: (::ffff: disconnected


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