To debug the pickle, I copied the 4.7GB users.fs to my local machine. I changed 
the code as proposed by Martijn, started zeo und zeopack - hours later - 
everything was packed without any troubles. I was puzzled.

I then realized that I was running the whole thing with Python 2.7.1 on my 
local machine (OS X 10.7, 64bit), while the original zeo server was running on 
Python 2.6.6. (Debian, 32bit).

I will rerun the test on my local machine with Python 2.6 and see if I can 
reproduce the problem.

Kind regards,

On 31.01.2012, at 14:51, Kaweh Kazemi wrote:

> Thanks Martijn,
> I'll try to dump the pickle, and see what I can find out.
> I'm still puzzled how this/what was pickled in the first place.

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