> I have no idea; all you told is that you use the ZODB, not what server
> framework you use to register your views. Is this Grok, Bluebream,
> Repoze.BFG, Zope 2 or something else?

Ah yes, sorry about that. I'm using Repoze.BFG . Does that help any?

I don't think that is_alive would be the cause of this, it looks like
> a simple enough view. But if your server uses a thread pool, and all
> the other threads are now occupied by something that got locked up,
> then it could be that the server is not answering your is_alive
> request at all because it is waiting for a thread to free up first.

Yea, I don't think it is the 'is_alive'. I more mentioned that to help
diagnose the problem, i.e., whatever the problem is, it also
affects simple views that don't touch the database at all.

Hmm, it might be the thread pool issue that you mention. That seems
to make sense. I'll have to see if I have any views that are never
finishing. Thanks
for the pointer.

Thanks again,
- Claudiu
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