> I don't think that is_alive would be the cause of this, it looks like
> a simple enough view. But if your server uses a thread pool, and all
> the other threads are now occupied by something that got locked up,
> then it could be that the server is not answering your is_alive
> request at all because it is waiting for a thread to free up first.

Ah, so it seems that, as I leave the server running longer & longer,
more & more threads are taken up with a `.recv()` call. I think one of
my clients opens requests and does not read them/close them. Eventually
all the threads are blocking in that fashion.

I will fix my clients. But, is there a server-side fix to this (again,
using Repoze.BFG)?
Something to time out the connection after 60 seconds or so if nothing has

- Claudiu
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