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I know it's not all about money but if we were to sponsor development of microsoft sql server support for relstorage, is there someone who knows how and has an estimated cost and available time?

It might be helpful if you could add more constraints.

Which version of SQL server do you want to support? Just 2008 or 2012 or some Express Edition? Only 64bit servers and clients or 32bit?

sql server 2008. not sure about 64/32bit.

Are all clients also on Windows, which OS version, which versions of Python?

Windows 2008 server standard. Python 2.6/2.7

What clustering options are you interested in if any? Do you want memcached support?

I'm not sure. I think living without clustering and memcached for the moment is fine.

And what about blob storage? Are blobs inside the DB in little chunks enough, do you want them on the filesystem via shared network drive or new efficient filestream support in SQL server 2008+

I don't know enough to answer this but for our purposes support SQL Server in a basic capacity so Plone runs ok is enough to start with.

The fewer variables you have, the easier an estimate should be. And just stating something like the expected data size, number of clients and availability concerns might help.

Our need is to 'state' support for SQL server to our client. They have SQL server licenses and they'd prefer to use them. The job is for 3 plone sites, public, extranet and intranet but with no estimate yet of the data size. Availability concerns are an issue. In the case where the work goes ahead and if performance is an issue then we;d be in a better position to either implement greater support for sqlserver or recommend they switch to a more mature relstorage option. Hope that helps put things in context.


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