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Windows 2008 server standard. Python 2.6/2.7

I'm not sure. I think living without clustering and memcached for the moment
is fine.

I would agree.

And what about blob storage? Are blobs inside the DB in little chunks enough, do you want them on the filesystem via shared network drive or new
efficient filestream support in SQL server 2008+

I don't know enough to answer this but for our purposes support SQL Server
in a basic capacity so Plone runs ok is enough to start with.

This really depends on usage patterns and capacity. I would recommend keeping
the BLOBs on the filesystem.

Our need is to 'state' support for SQL server to our client. They have SQL server licenses and they'd prefer to use them. The job is for 3 plone sites, public, extranet and intranet but with no estimate yet of the data size.
Availability concerns are an issue.
In the case where the work goes ahead and if performance is an issue then
we;d be in a better position to either implement greater support for
sqlserver or recommend they switch to a more mature relstorage option. Hope
that helps put things in context.

If you can depend on mxODBC then I do not believe this is a huge problem. I would be skeptical of pyodbc stability/performance - its worked ok for us but
we dont have anything 24x7 running with it.

As someone said earlier it is not difficult just very time consuming to test.
I would be more than happy to help test.  Some more thoughts:

- If you run mxODBC you will have much less adoption/testing by the community.
 due to license and pain to install mxODBC.

 - pyodbc i would skeptical of and test.  you would get the most
usage using this

 - pywin32 is another candidate.  it should work just fine but you
may need to watch
for scaling issues (you may have to add some smarts the mssql storage)

I would love to see this support added.

as would we. But it looks like there isn't someone with the time and licenses at the moment to make this happen so we'll go ahead without sql server support.
but count this as a vote of support if anyone wants to give it a go.

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