> > I'm afraid this doesn't seem to help me figure out what's wrong...
> I suspect your database is corrupted.  You'd probably want to look at
> the record in question to be sure.

Sure, I've re-run the pack and will dump the pickled object to a file to
inspect it - is that what you meant? (How else would I figure out what the
record is?)

> You could disable garbage collection, but if you have a damaged
> record, you might want to use the previous version of the record
> (if it exists) to recover it.

What do you mean by disable garbage collection - you mean disable removing
old versions of records that are no longer used? I can't do that
unfortunately, the database gets too large.

How would I go about attempting to find the previous version of the record?
If I know what the record is I can just decide whether to let it be lost -
would catching the TypeError and 'pass'ing accomplish that?

- Claudiu
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