Hello all,

It seems that something weird is happening with runzeo & my server's memory.

I have a Data.fs that is 5.5gb, and 7.6gb of RAM on my server. I do 'runzeo
-C zeo.conf' where the 'zeo.conf' is:

%define INSTANCE .

  address $INSTANCE/zeo.sock
  read-only false
  invalidation-queue-size 100
  pid-filename $INSTANCE/zeo.pid

<blobstorage 1>
    pack-gc false
    path $INSTANCE/Data.fs
  blob-dir $INSTANCE/blobs

To simplify things I use 'zeopack' instead of my server as the test case:

$ zeopack -u zeo.sock

The entire time the zeopack is running my available memory (seen using
"top") gradually decreases, from 7.5gb at the start to 50mb somewhere in
the middle, where it stays until the end. In all this time the VIRT and RES
columns of runzeo don't change from 249m and 171m respectively.

Once zeopack is done (Data.fs is now 5.4 gb), memory use goes up to 64mb.
If I CTRL-C out of runzeo, memory use goes up to 327mb. This is far, far
less than the initial 7.5gb that was free before I started runzeo &
zeopack, and both those programs are now done.

Grepping through my environment shows that I'm using

So, what's going on? Why does the memory not get released at least when I
stop runzeo? How would I go about not having this memory leak happen? Also
let me know if I should ask elsewhere but this seems relevant to zodb.

Thanks in advance,
- Claudiu
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