I'm going a bit nuts trying to figure out what all the different caches
mean. This doesn't seem to be well documented, but I'll keep googling after
sending out this email.

Here's the various configs I've got. I have a zeo.conf:

%define INSTANCE .

  address $INSTANCE/zeo_indexdb.sock
  read-only false
  invalidation-queue-size 100
  pid-filename $INSTANCE/zeo_indexdb.pid

<blobstorage 1>
    path $INSTANCE/Data_IndexDB.fs
  blob-dir $INSTANCE/blobs_indexdb

I run this with `runzeo -C zeo.conf` .

Next I have an `app.ini` which I run with `paster server --verbose --reload
app.ini`. It has a `zodb_uri`:

zodb_uri =

I hear there is a `cache-size` option and a `cache-size-bytes` option,
which goes in a `zodb.conf`, but I don't know where to put it in my
`zeo.conf`. So my question is:

In the `.conf` files:
- What is cache-size?
- What is cache-size-bytes?
- Are there any other caching options?
- Where would they go in my `zeo.conf`, or if they can't go there, what
should I change so I can configure this? I tried putting them under <zeo>,
<filestorage>, and <blobstorage>, but I get "not a known key name" errors.

In the `zodb_uri`:
- What is cache_size?
- What is connection_cache_size?

I'm basically concerned with: what does 'runzeo' cache and how do I
configure that, and what does the local connection cache and how do I
configure that?

Thanks in advance,
- Claudiu
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