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> You can't cause a specific object (or collection of objects) to stay
>>  ion the cache, but if you're working set is small enough to fit in
>> the memory or client cache, you can get the same effect.
So just setting the cache size for the catalog db to be bigger than the
database is everything you need to have it mostly not touch the disc at

> That makes sense. So, is there any way to give ZODB a Persistent and tell
> it "load everything about the object now for this transaction" so  that the
> cache mechanism then gets triggered, or do I have to do a custom search
> through every aspect of the object, touching all Persistents it touches,
> etc, in order to get everything loaded? Essentially, when  the server
> restarts, I'd like to pre-load all these objects (my cache is indeed big
> enough), so that if a few hours later someone makes a request that uses it,
> the objects will already be cached instead of starting to be cached right
> then.

You can do that using a set or web requests that warm up your app. This way
you cache everything not only zodb data.


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