Thanks, Jeff! I'll check out that cacheDetail stuff and see if I simply
have too few objects being stored (though I thought 5 million would be

> Further, after having preloaded the indices once, shouldn't it preload
> quite rapidly upon further server restarts, if it's all in the cache and
> the cache is persisted?
> Again, there are two caches here and they are not really related. The
> "persistent cache" is for ZEO to keep local copies instead of having to
> constantly hit the network. The object or 'connection' cache is what is in
> memory being used by the application. It still requires IO operations to
> find all of the bytes from the persistent ZEO cache and move them into
> memory as objects. The connection/object cache does not get preserved
> between restarts. The client/persistent cache is not a memory dump. If you
> run the ZODB with just a local FileStorage file, there is no 'persistent
> cache' aside from the database file itself.

Understood. Is there any good way to memory dump a connection's cache, and
re-load it when a connection is made again? It seems that would be
particularly useful in my situation, and much simpler than making a new
server to deal solely with indexing. If no one has done it yet, then is it
feasible? Would it make sense in this context, I mean, and speed up the
warming-up process? If yes, what would be a good place to start?

Thanks again,
- Claudiu
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