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> - solr is so fast it almost makes me want to cry.  At ZC, we're
>   increasingly using solr instead of the catalog.  As the original
>   author of the catalog, this makes me sad, but we just don't have the
>   time to put in the effort to equal solr/lucene.

We are using it on some projects also... But deploying java is as
complicated as python to deploy so it increases 2x the deployment work
needed for a project. Do you think this could be a good idea, to have an
integrated solution of ZODB for object persistence and integrated indexing
using Whoosh? Probably what would be needed is a project to wrap them
together, that does indexing during the commit and exposes an indexing api,
like marking fields in persistent objects for indexing and having methods
for searching the index.

For people that don't know whoosh:


Leonardo Santagada
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