> > Any suggestions? There must be a way to effectively use indexing with
> zodb
> > and what I'm doing isn't working.
> Have you confirmed that the ZEO client cache file is being used?
> Configure logging to display the ZEO messages to make sure.
> The client cache is transient by default, so you will need to enable
> persistent client caching to see an effect past restarts:
> <zeoclient>
>   client zeo1
>   ...
> </zeoclient>
> https://github.com/zopefoundation/ZODB/blob/master/doc/zeo-client-cache.txt

Yep, I specified a var of 'zeocache' and a client of 'index', and there is
indeed a ./zeocache/index-1.zec file and a ./zeocache/index-1.zec.lock

> Laurence
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