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I only spotted two uses of this assumption in RelStrorage, the
above-mentioned `_prepare_tid`, plus `pack`. The following simple
patch to change those places to use `raw` makes our own internal
tests (python2.7, MySQL) pass.

Why not fork https://github.com/zodb/relstorage and submit a pull

Because I didn't realize that repository existed :) I will do so,

On that note, though, the PyPI page still links to the SVN repository
at http://svn.zope.org/relstorage/trunk/ (which is also what comes up
in a Google search), and that repository still has all its contents;
it's missing the 'MOVED_TO_GITHUB' file that's commonly there when
the project has been moved (e.g., [1]). With a bit of searching I
found the announcement on this list that development had been
moved[2], but to a first glance it looks like SVN is still the place
to be. If the move is complete, maybe it would be good to replace the
SVN contents with the MOVED_TO_GITHUB pointer?

Thanks for the patch and suggestion. I intend to handle RelStorage pull requests during/around PyCon next week. :-)


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