Hi I am new to the community and not sure where else to ask this.  I am
learning ZODB and see that there is a ZODB3 and ZODB4.  I am unsure of
which one is the current stable release of the product or if they are both
current but used for different purposes.  I on the ZODB site it lists ZODB3
and on wikipedia it states the most current stable is 3.10.3. But looking
at various repositories (GitHub and pyppi) I see version 4 is also
available (and a 3.11.0a3 alpha release as well).
I currently use Python 2.7x  and want to be sure I am using the most
current stable code to learn on. Any input on the matter would be greatly

Matt Kasfeldt
For more information about ZODB, see http://zodb.org/

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