The BTrees package is an attempt to isolate certain things from ZODB.

While I appreciate the general intent, I cannot see the advantage at
this point:

- BTrees can be imported alone, yes. But it has the extensions prepared
   with special ZODB slots, which makes this very questionable.

- BTrees furthermore claims the BTrees global bame for it, all though it
   is not a general BTree package, but for ZODB BTrees, only.

- BTrees has a serious bug, see the following example:

>>> from BTrees import OOBTree as BT
>>> t = BT.BTree()
>>> for num in range(100):
...   k = str(num)
...   t[k] = k
>>> t._firstbucket._next = None
>>> len(t)
Bus error: 10
(tmp)minimax:doc tismer$

So there is either an omission to make t._next() read-only, or a check
of its validity is missing.

Actually, I would like to add a callable-check instead, to allow for more
flexible derivatives.

* this was my second little rant about ZODB. Not finished as it seems.

please, see this again as my kraut way of showing interest in improving
very good things.

cheers -- chris

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