On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Christian Tismer <tis...@stackless.com> wrote:
> We get a medication prescription database in a certain serialized format
> which is standard in Germany for all pharmacy support companies.
> This database comes in ~25 files == tables in a zip file every two weeks.
> The DB is actually a structured set of SQL tables with references et al.

So you get an entire database snapshot every 2 weeks?

> I actually did not want to change the design and simply created the table
> structure that they have, using ZODB, with tables as btrees that contain
> tuples for the records, so this is basically the SQL model, mimicked in
> Zodb.

OK.  I don't see what advantage you hope to get from ZODB.

> What is boring is the fact, that the database gets incremental updates all
> the time,
> changed prices, packing info, etc.

Are these just data updates? Or schema updates too?

> We need to cope with millions of recipes that come from certain dates
> and therefore need to inquire different versions of the database.

I don't understand this. What's a "recipe"?  Why do you need to
consider old versions of the database?


Jim Fulton
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