> > Would you implement a column store, and how would you do that?
> Ditto.

So many Dittos, it  sounds like a Rush Limbaugh talk show :)

> "large" can mean many things. The examples you give don't
> seem very large in terms of storage, at least not for ZODB.

One app we have is 26,344,368 objects.
ZODB is the least of its concerns.

> It's really hard to make specific recommendations without
> knowing more about the problem. (And it's likely that someone
> wouldn't be able to spend the time necessary to learn more
> about the problem without a stake in it. IOW, don't assume I'll
> read a much longer post getting into details. :)

This is fair.  ZODB is intimately tied to the application design so
it is a bit difficult for someone to qualify what they are doing
without having to explain the application design.

This sucks from a newbie's point of view but its reality.

I just wrote up some thoughts on ZODB.
Might be useful for others - doubtful - but maybe.


Anyway.  Tismer if you write up more thoughts; I will read them.

Not guaranteeing a response.

Alan Runyan
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