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I'd like to spruce up, especially the documentation.

I think the ZODB is under-appreciated and it's hard to promote
it without a good docs and a reasonable web site.

I plan to do this in small increments, to make it easier for me
to squeeze in time and to make it easier for other people to
contribute through their own small changes and review.

I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to the folks who set it up
initially, providing a basis for incremental improvements.

The website is a sphinx project:

now hosted by Read the Docs. Thanks Read the Docs!!!

Help would be much appreciated and can be offered in small
parts. From offering edits, to reviewing pull requests, to pointing
out problems.

If you see something that needs to be fixed or want to suggest
an improvement, please file an issue:

If you want to help by reviewing edits, look for pull requests:

You don't need to be a Zope contributor to make a documentation
pull request.

BTW, I'd like non-trivial changes to be made via pull request.

This last week, I finally got around to some overdue work on the
tutorial. It would be great is someone would review my changes:


Jim Fulton
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