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Actually, the patch utilites patch should be rev'ed to the latest rev available prior to any other patches being applied.
In the case of zones this is extremely important.

Applying patches to an FCS system using the FCS patch utilties will almost certainly result in issues with respect to zones
1 Issues creating zones subsequent to patching
2 patchadd failing if non-global zones already exist.

So although most if not all Solaris 10 patches benefit from having the patch utilties up to date, there is no actual hard dependency listed as it covers every patch, instead we issues a SunAlert.

Please see SunAlert

Now another question is the use of patchinfos to generate information. Patchinfos are only used internally within Sun to construct metadata for Sun Update Client ( SunUC ) to consume. This data is actually maintained seperately by the team that generate the metadata download for SunUC, so basically the patchinfo in the patch may differ substantially from that used by the Sun tools themselves. In saying thatthough,  fields such as PATH_REQUIRES should be more stable than most.

patchadd itself does not use or rely on 'any' data contained in the patchinfo file. The only tools that use patchinfo metadata are updatemanger from ( SunUC ) which uses smpatch which eventually calls patch add to add the patch once it has parsed the metadata.

I still have not determined the problem with the cluster in question but am continuing to look. Bacically all the clusters should install the patch utilites first ( and their requirements ). Looks like the one in question is doing that, but I'd like to see the actual cluster itslef.


Michael Barto wrote:
Our company's configuration management products contains a Perl script which calculates patch order based using a recursive program. I cannot share the program because it is part of our products, but I will give you the information on how it works. In each Sun patch directory after it is decompressed, there is a file called "patchinfo". This is somewhat similar to the "pkginfo" file for programs (e.g. pkgadd). In it you will find a keyword "PATCH_REQUIRES" followed by a list of patches and sometimes some "if-then-else" constructions. The "PATCH_REQUIRES" information must be installed prior to installing the or "patchadd" will fail. If you are having issues with a failed patch. Check this file, it may resolve your problem.

In your issue with 119254-19 and 118712-09 there is only a reference for in the "patchinfo" file  that patch "121333-02 must be installed prior to installing 119254-19. Hence, I believe the order is unimportant with those two patch numbers. The conflict is that "121333-02" must be installed prior to installing "119254-19".  Over a period of time, I have found several times that the patch README file is in conflict to this "patchadd" parameter file ("patchinfo") when I have done a large server migrations for Sun.

Below is the patch info file for 119254-19

patchinfo file for "119254-19 "
PATCH_CORRECTS='BaseOS.Package.Cmds-5.10 AdminInstall.Solaris.SUNWswmt-5.10'

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