Our company's configuration management products contains a Perl script which calculates patch order based using a recursive program. I cannot share the program because it is part of our products, but I will give you the information on how it works. In each Sun patch directory after it is decompressed, there is a file called "patchinfo". This is somewhat similar to the "pkginfo" file for programs (e.g. pkgadd). In it you will find a keyword "PATCH_REQUIRES" followed by a list of patches and sometimes some "if-then-else" constructions. The "PATCH_REQUIRES" information must be installed prior to installing the or "patchadd" will fail. If you are having issues with a failed patch. Check this file, it may resolve your problem.

In your issue with 119254-19 and 118712-09 there is only a reference for in the "patchinfo" file  that patch "121333-02 must be installed prior to installing 119254-19. Hence, I believe the order is unimportant with those two patch numbers. The conflict is that "121333-02" must be installed prior to installing "119254-19".  Over a period of time, I have found several times that the patch README file is in conflict to this "patchadd" parameter file ("patchinfo") when I have done a large server migrations for Sun.

Below is the patch info file for 119254-19

patchinfo file for "119254-19 "
PATCH_CORRECTS='BaseOS.Package.Cmds-5.10 AdminInstall.Solaris.SUNWswmt-5.10'

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