I'd like to solicit code review comments on the following set of
changes.  As I previously described on this list, this change is being
implemented as part of the Zulu project, and represents some basic
functionality that the upgrade process will invoke to manage Zones on
Solaris.  There are certainly more alternate-root functions needed by
those using zones; the focus here is on functionality needed during

If possible, I'd like to receive code review comments by 27 June 2006.
I'm nominating David Comay first as someone whose comments I'd
particularly like to see, but I'll certainly accept comments from
anyone who is interested.  Please send comments to me directly or to
this list; either is fine.

The internal SWAN link is:


The external link is:


You may notice that I swept up a few nits and other small bugs into
the group of things I'm fixing.  If you know of other things in the
neighborhood that need attention, please do mention them.  (I can't
promise I can expand the scope of this work to cover any possibility,
but I'll seriously consider it.)

I've done full x86 and SPARC builds, and I've done manual unit testing
of each of the documented features.  The PSARC case is still running,
and there'll need to be an amended contract established to address the
ON/Install ties.

I'm busy right now modifying the Zulu code to take advantage of these
new interfaces.  I do not plan to go ahead with this project (and
putback) until I've made certain that all of the features actually
work there in place of the current scaffolding.  (They certainly
should, and I'm not expecting problems, but I just want to make it
clear that I'm not running open-loop here.)

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