Hey Serge,

No.  All processes in one container must be in the same Resource Pool.

Even if they could accomplish what they want, this would violate the Oracle license agreement and the whole point of Oracle's "capped container" licensing policy.

There are a few other ways to configure this, but they won't meet all of the goals mentioned. Howver, they won't violate the licensing policies.

The simplest is probably:
* One BEA pool, one Oracle pool, one default pool
* Three zones per pool: UserGroup 1, UserGroup 2, UserGroup3.
* Projects to wrap up all the resource controls, accounting, etc.

Does that help?

serge nadon wrote:

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    *From: *Michael OConnor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    *Date: *June 13, 2006 3:22:42 PM PDT
    *Cc: *Michael O'Connor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Serge
    *Subject: Global zone projects & local zones

    Customer asks - is it possible to configure the projects mechanism
    in the global zone to bind specific local zone processes associated
    with a specific UIDs to specific resource pools while other
    processes in these same local zones are bound to the default
    resource pool/pset? Idea is to have individual customers isolated
    into their own local zone but rather than binding the entire zone
    (and all its processes) to a single resource pool, only have
    specific processes within each zone bound to specific shared
    resource pools.

    Attached graphic should help illustrate what I'm looking for.

    Customer wants to minimize the number of zones he has to manage on a
    larger server and doesn't want to license both BEA and Oracle for
    the whole box. Customer has 3 classes of processes 1) Oracle, 2) BEA
    and 3) Other. If this scenario is not possible, he will need to
    create 3 unique zones for each customer and then bind each local
    zone to the respective resource pool which will drive up his
    management costs. Btw, our managed services group charges
    ~$120/month to manage each local zone which is part of what's
    driving this discussion.

     >From what I've read, once we introduce local zones then we lose
    the ability to use the project mechanism to associate subsets of
    process within each local zone with different processor sets. Hoping
    this is not the case.





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