Mike Gerdts writes:
> > - Zone roots can be setup on SAN LUNs as long as the HBA drivers are in the 
> > Solaris 10 DVD miniroot. This allows for OS upgrades. We are using the 
> > Sun-branded Qlogic HBAs which are handled by the Leadville driver and is 
> > part of the miniroot so this criterion is covered.
> Zone roots should have nothing to do with HBA drivers.  Zones do not
> run their own kernel, and as such this a non-issue.

It's true that non-global zones don't have their own kernel, but the
rest is not true.

When you're doing an upgrade of the system, we need to mount up the
file systems that represent the non-global zones on the system.  Since
only standard upgrade (not Live Upgrade) is supported right now for
upgrade, this means that the mounting process must take place in the
miniroot environment.

Thus, you must make certain that the necessary HBA drivers to mount
the required file systems are in the miniroot you plan to use.  If
they're not, then you'll need to modify the miniroot to add them.

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