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Hello ,All I am new to solaris and opensolaris community.
I am lonely here nobody of my friends use solaris.

I try to create a zone follow by the documents
and using ip address in my subnet ( router, other pc )
Do we use virtual ip or real ip?

Zones use virtual interfaces on top of a physical interface in the system. For eg: if you have a physical interface called bge0 assigned to a zone, then in effect the zone will be using the virtual interface bge0:1.

and I try to install  JES or glassfish , jboss
by copy the zip file in to zone path (using GUI move zip file)
is that the correct way?
I feel there is no harm in installing this way..

and I install by login to the zone.
and install by normally.

after that start glassfish.
It's working , I can ping
and can invoke from another computer
to test the glassfish is running

after that I use  exit (from glassfish console)
and exit again (for this x-zone)

and then I refresh the browser again.
the Application server is look like it turn off. (shutdown)
Can you make this point a bit more clear. I couldn't understand what made the Server shutdown?

Are the above things is correct way to use zone?
What I understand zone is just a private own environment
so I can dare to install anything on zone without effect the global?
so I can keep my global zone clean and fresh as fresh OS installation?

You are right. Zone is a completely isolated OS instance running inside a Solaris instance. What ever change you make inside the zone( as a non-global zone user) won't affect the global zone. So you can install any thing on the non-global zone, but after logging into the zone.

You have to keep in mind that there will be only one kernel running , even if there are multiple zones in the System. Single kernel handles all the zones in the System. So all kernel related packages and patches can be installed only from global zone. Except for the above mentioned things, you can use the zone as you like, with out the fear of damaging the Global zone.

Do let me know if you have any more querries regarding this.



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