Hello ,All I am new to solaris and opensolaris community.
I am lonely here nobody of my friends use solaris.

I try to create a zone follow by the documents
and using ip address in my subnet ( router, other pc )
Do we use virtual ip or real ip?

and I try to install  JES or glassfish , jboss
by copy the zip file in to zone path (using GUI move zip file)
is that the correct way?

and I install by login to the zone.
and install by normally.

after that start glassfish.
It's working , I can ping
and can invoke from another computer
to test the glassfish is running

after that I use  exit (from glassfish console)
and exit again (for this x-zone)

and then I refresh the browser again.
the Application server is look like it turn off. (shutdown)

Are the above things is correct way to use zone?
What I understand zone is just a private own environment
so I can dare to install anything on zone without effect the global?
so I can keep my global zone clean and fresh as fresh OS installation?

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