Phil Coleman writes:
> Looking at Solaris 10 06/06 there are a number of features that
> haven't made this release for zones (cloning, dtrace in
> non-global-zone, moving zones) that are in OpenSolaris/Solaris
> Express and I was wondering whether anyone knows if they'll be added
> in over time as patch updates, or if they'll not be available until
> the next major release of Solaris 10???

If you have particular features you're interested in, it helps to get
the CR numbers involved.  Each feature is backported independently (or
not at all) depending on customer demand, risk, and technical
implementation issues.

For cloning and moving, it looks like RFEs 6292928 and 5022513 should
be in Solaris 10 Update 3 (the next update).  For dtrace in non-global
zones, RFE 4970596 hasn't been backported yet.

For what it's worth Solaris 10 isn't actually classed as a Major
release, nor are any Major releases planned in the future.  Solaris
2.0 was the last Major we released.  Solaris 10 is a Minor release, as
will likely be the next release (now in development as Solaris

The updates train for Solaris 10 is separate and consists of patches.
There are no Major or Minor releases for Solaris 10 -- just patches,
until the next Minor release comes out.

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