My customer developed a package "ISMepcm" which installs a directory
/opt/CA.  After the ISMepcm package is installed in the global zone,
the customer adds a new sparse zone.  The directory /opt/CA
does not get created in the new zone.  They would like to know how
to get this working.

Here are the steps to recreate the problem:

1. Install Solaris 10 1/06 with no additional patches.
2. Create a whole root zone "azone".
3. Create a sparse zone "bzone".
4. "pkgadd ISMepcm" in the global zone (available at

   Observe that the /opt/CA directory correcly gets created in the
   global zone, as well as in the existing whole root zone and the
   existing sparse zone:

   # cd /opt
   # ls
   CA        SUNWits   SUNWmlib  SUNWrtvc

   # cd /zones/azone/root/opt
   # ls
   CA        SUNWits   SUNWmlib  SUNWrtvc

   # cd /zones/bzone/root/opt
   # ls
   CA        SUNWits   SUNWmlib  SUNWrtvc

5. Now that the pkg "ISMepcm" is installed, create another sparse
   zone "czone".  Observe that /opt/CA DOES NOT get created in czone:

   # cd /zones/czone/root/opt
   # ls
   SUNWits   SUNWmlib  SUNWrtvc

   There is no indication of a problem with the installation:
   *** package <ISMepcm> successfully installed.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

David Ryder

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