If the package touches file systems that are inherited, zoneadm will not run any CAS, postinstall scripts associated with the package,
Put anopther way, if all the bits the package delivers are part of inherited file systems, the postinstall will not get run.

Outside of zoneadm install, we use certain zone atributes such as SUNW_PKG_HOLLOW, SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES and SUNW_PKG_THISZONE to determine what to run in the non global zone

So the question is
1 Is the package delivering only to inherited file systems ( perhaps uses postinstall to mkdir /opt/CA
2 Are you just using mkdir somwhere to generate the /opt/CA dir? ( as Mike mentioned below )
     If so, you might want to make this part of a pkgmap if possible, otherwise you need to run installf to register the dir with the contents DB, which zoneadm install uses to populate the non global zone.


David Ryder wrote:
Thanks for your reply.

Do the pre & postinstall scripts execute during new Zone creation?


Mike Gerdts wrote On 07/21/06 20:50,:
On 7/21/06, David Ryder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


My customer developed a package "ISMepcm" which installs a directory
/opt/CA.  After the ISMepcm package is installed in the global zone,
the customer adds a new sparse zone.  The directory /opt/CA
does not get created in the new zone.  They would like to know how
to get this working.
Does /opt/CA exist in /var/sadm/install/contents?  It sounds to me
like the package creates the directory with mkdir in one of the
installation scripts without calling installf to tell the package
database what it did.


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