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Is it possible to add an inherit-pkg-dir to a zone's config after "zoneadm ... install"? I'm confident the answer is 'no' but just had to ask.

The man page and are a little vague on this. They both say "Such resources [those pkgs] are not modifiable or removable once a zone has been installed with zoneadm." But if you interpret "such resources" as "the ones that have already been inherited" then the possibility of adding new ones is not mentioned.


The code currently disallows this.  See add_resource() in
currently at line 1587.

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Basically if say /lib was a local copy in the zone, then adding inherit-pkg-dir=/lib would mean replacing it with a lofs mount, which could possibly destabilise the system and so on, and would also have implications for patches already installed ( basically any installed patch that touched files in /lib would no longer be removable, as the undo would try and restore files back to a lofs mount ).
Also the contents DB in the zone etc would need to be synced and son on.

So thats partly the reason for not allowing it, i.e. introduce instability to the installed zone in many forms.


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