Mike Gerdts wrote:
On 7/31/06, Jerry Jelinek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/rm/pools/msets/.  We
are working on making this whole process easier.  The project
is described here

Are there any updates on the progress of this project?  How does its
timing compare to the other projects (hypervisor support on sun4v
(11/06?), Xen on x86 (6/07?)) that could also offer the level of CPU
and memory controls requested?


We are working on finalizing the proposal based upon the input we
received from the first opensolaris posting as well as internal
input.  That should hopefully be done soon.  I'll post the final
proposal once it is ready.  We made some significant changes based
upon the review input.  We are working on development in
parallel with the draft proposal.

Most if this proposal is about improved zones/RM integration, not
about the actual cpu & memory controls themselves.  Thus, those
projects are separate with separate development teams and schedules.
We already have psets in opensolaris.  The other main cpu control
in cpu-caps.  The big memory control that is coming is msets.
Both of these have separate pages on the opensolaris website.
I don't know if either of those will be backported to an S10 update
or just be available in nevada.  We will be adding the rcapd
enhancements as part of this project.

I can't really say when this will be available in an S10 update.
We first have to get it into nevada and then we'll work on the
backport.  I am also not sure about the hypervisor or xen projects.
I don't think xen has a schedule for nevada putback yet and I am not sure
if they have any plans for a S10 update backport.  You might try
asking about that on their email list.

Sorry I can't be more helpful,
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