If you are going to backup a zone using the NetBackup client from within the 
zone and you want to get all the filesystems automatically, you have to do the 
following NetBackup policy setup:

In the NetBackup policy:

1. Enable the Follow NFS option
2. Enable the Cross mount points option
3. Leave the Allow Multiple Streams option disabled
4. Specify / as the only entry in the Backup Selections list

Here's why:
If the Follow NFS option is not enabled, you can't backup NFS or LOFS 
filesystems. They get skipped.

You can't use the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive in the Backup Selection list to 
automatically discover all of the filesystems because the LOFS filesystems are 
not considered as local drives by NetBackup (even though they show up in a 
mount -v output).

If you don't enable the Cross mount points option, you won't get anything but / 
backed up.

The Allow Multiple Streams option won't do any good in this scenario because 
there aren't multiple drives to setup on separate backup streams.

If you need/want to do multiple data streams from within a zone, you can't use 
any automatic discovery. You have to manually setup each stream and filesystem 
within the Backup Selection list.

I have filed an enhancement request with Symantec asking them to change 
processing to allow the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES processing to include LOFS filesystems 
but I have no idea if they will accept it or what the implementation timeframe 
would be even if it is accepted. For now we're stuck with this workaround. If 
you want this enhancement, file your own request at enhancement dot veritas dot 

BTW, I only found this out by accident when looking through my NetBackup All 
Log Entries report and noticing that the LOFS filesystems were being skipped. I 
checked to see what was available for restore and discovered that only / was 
available and every LOFS mounted directory was empty below the directory name. 
The backup executions were returning status code 0 indicating no problems were 

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