Ihsan Zaghmouth wrote:

What are the type of the Zones ?
It would be interesting to try this with a Whole-root Zone, definitely not a Sparse.

   1. Fully Backup the 01/06 Whole-Root and then update the GZ with 06/06.
   2. You can't keep any zones for now during updates (Zulu initiative
      working on this ), so you have to unconfigure/delete them

You *can* keep zones if you use standard upgrade. You cannot keep zones if you use Live Upgrade.

   3. After update, Restore the 01/06 Whole-Root and check it out ...
   4. Check it out and hope for the best ..

Sun would not support this.


Peter Wilk wrote:


IHAC that is asking the following..( solaris 5.10)

if the global zone is at 01/06 and there are 2 non root zones at 01/06

if the global zone is updated to 06/06 can the user update only 1 zone
to 06/06 and leave the other zone at 01/06..

if so is there any issues that I need to communicate

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